[packman] [RFC] Add support to no X version to XBMC

Guillaume Gardet guillaume.gardet at free.fr
Thu Feb 13 14:24:22 CET 2014


I am preparing a no X version of XBMC, based on our standard X XBMC.
This is really useful for ARM boards which do not need to have a full X environment.
Since it does build for all architectures, I enabled it for all architectures even if it makes less sense for x86/x86_64. Maybe someone would be interested for an old computer.

I have prepared a patch (which I still continue to improve) here:

This patch add support to noX option in xbmc.spec. Then a pre_checkin.sh script will copy xbmc.spec to xbmc-noX.spec (and xbmc.changes to xbmc-noX.changes) and enable the noX option automatically.

A new package xbmc-noX will be created and will only _link to xbmc. Therefore, each XBMC update will update xbmc-noX.

Standard XBMC build will not be modified.

I used something similar to what is done for glibc/glibc-utils/glibc-testsuite.

Is there any comment/request/idea before I commit my patch?


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