[packman] openSUSE one clic install

Hartmut spieluhr at ewetel.net
Tue Nov 26 17:56:03 CET 2013

Hi jdd,

I'm using Packman for a very long time and never saw any reason for a 
"one-klick-install". If I ever install openSuse on any computer I insert 
the Packman-repository into the install-script (add repository) and 
everything's fine.

If there would be a one-click-install for a whole bunch of 
"audio-video-basic" then I have to sort things out: what would I want to 
install and what not. So I will not approve such button. What's good in 
your opinion, is perhaps not good in my.

The whole time I work with Packman-software I did not see "huge updates 
nearly every day.", I saw them some (few) days. So what?



Am 25.11.2013 15:04, schrieb jdd:
> Hello,
> Every openSUSE user know what you give to us :-) thanks.
> first:
> With the comming of the 13.1, I did a lot of fresh installs recently 
> and setting the packman repo in openSUSE is both mandatory for many 
> applications and pretty confusing for new openSUSE users (even non 
> newbies)
> I fear it will be difficult to make it better from the openSUSE side, 
> due to well known legal restrictions.
> but I wondered if it could be possible to have a one clic install on 
> the packman home for basic things like lame, audacity, avidemux, 
> ffmpeg... said products that are both very often necessary and pretty 
> light.
> I mean *one* pne clic install, for example named "audio-video basics". 
> With a simple link like 
> http://http://packman.links2linux.org/opensuse-basics that we 
> (ambassadors) could share easily
> second:
> looks like some basic utility (ffmpeg?) makes it necessary to 
> recompile every application that depends on it. This makes hudge 
> updates nearly every day. Sure it shows how much work you do for us 
> (thanks again) :-), but it also makes problems with computers that are 
> not always online.
> are all these updates really mandatory for security reason, or 
> coulnd't them be delayed by some way? I imagine I'm not the first that 
> see this and the solution is not easy :-(
> thanks
> jdd

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