[packman] openSUSE one clic install

jdd jdanield at free.fr
Mon Nov 25 15:04:57 CET 2013


Every openSUSE user know what you give to us :-) thanks.


With the comming of the 13.1, I did a lot of fresh installs recently 
and setting the packman repo in openSUSE is both mandatory for many 
applications and pretty confusing for new openSUSE users (even non 

I fear it will be difficult to make it better from the openSUSE side, 
due to well known legal restrictions.

but I wondered if it could be possible to have a one clic install on 
the packman home for basic things like lame, audacity, avidemux, 
ffmpeg... said products that are both very often necessary and pretty 

I mean *one* pne clic install, for example named "audio-video basics". 
With a simple link like 
http://http://packman.links2linux.org/opensuse-basics that we 
(ambassadors) could share easily


looks like some basic utility (ffmpeg?) makes it necessary to 
recompile every application that depends on it. This makes hudge 
updates nearly every day. Sure it shows how much work you do for us 
(thanks again) :-), but it also makes problems with computers that are 
not always online.

are all these updates really mandatory for security reason, or 
coulnd't them be delayed by some way? I imagine I'm not the first that 
see this and the solution is not easy :-(



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