[packman] Build host memory limits

Guido Berhoerster guido+links2linux.de at berhoerster.name
Thu Jul 25 09:14:07 CEST 2013


* Stefan Botter <jsj at jsj.dyndns.org> [2013-07-24 12:23]:
> Hi Guido,
> On Monday, July 22, 2013 05:54:28 PM Guido Berhoerster wrote:
> > So everything has settled down now but my package is still in
> > scheduled state which indicates that the constrints cannot be
> > staisfied for some reason (see
> > http://openbuildservice.org/help/manuals/obs-reference-guide/cha.obs.
> > build_job_constraints.html ). The _constraints file is at
> > https://pmbs.links2linux.de/package/view_file?expand=1&file=_constrai
> > nts&package=mame&project=Games
> > 
> > Especially the x86_64 variants need a build host that has more
> > than 1GB available during linking or builds will fail.
> I am not really sure, how the contraints management in OBS is working 
> (regarding the workers). As usual the documentation is sparse at best. I 
> do not know how the dispatcher gets to know of the capabilities of 
> workers, and if this is a feature in newer versions of the workers only.
> My workers "should" provide the necessary resources, at least swkj04 and 
> swkj07, the workers run in chroot mode and have thus, at least 
> potentially, access to the whole system resources, as long as the other 
> processed do not fill up their (RAM)disks to the max.
> They are the old ones, but in my understanding the worker code is 
> downloaded from the server installation, so they should be new enough. 
> If someone does indeed know more about the constraints feature of the 
> build process, please help!

I will ask on the buildservice list, can you please subscribe to
opensuse-buildservice@ if you are not already?
Guido Berhoerster

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