[packman] pmbs broken again?

Mathias Homann Mathias.Homann at opensuse.org
Tue Jul 23 18:40:11 CEST 2013

Am Dienstag 23 Juli 2013, 15:41:02 schrieb Stefan Botter:
> Hi MH,
> On Monday, July 22, 2013 02:48:51 PM Mathias Homann wrote:
> > Am Montag 22 Juli 2013, 12:34:34 schrieb Stefan Botter:
> > > Nevertheless, I will have to have an eye on download usage there,
> > > and if it is excessive, I either have to stop this service or
> > > throttle it.
> > 
> > I can see the reasoning for that. Wouldn't it be an option to
> > actually publish the user home repositories, and tell people to grab
> > them off the mirrors?
> This is completely up to Marc, he has the load with the publising.
> But I believe that the approach Mariusz mentioned, to set up a private
> OBS instance for your purposes, is
> 1. good for you, as most probably you have your packages faster, and
> 2. good for us, as it reduces the load on the workers.

my home project has only a dozen packages, and all are set up only to be built 
for the suse versions where they are needed.

Part of my project is updated versions of packages that exist in packman 
already, so how do i "push" those out to the actual packman repo?

The rest (namely the kmultimedia4 packages) are a workaround for the fact that 
packman does not come in flavours that use up-to-date KDE libs on older (as 
in, not the latest) suse versions...

the problem with that is, if i set packman to a lower prio than K:R:410, i get 
all the multimedia stuff in packages from K:R:410 which is patent-troll-
crippled... if i set packman to a higher prio, i get the multimedia stuff in 
packages built against KDE 4.8.5. neither is desirable.


> Greetings,
> Stefan
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