[packman] [PM] Quimup 1.3.0-1.39 (openSUSE Factory/i586)

Johan Spee johan.spee at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 12 08:03:10 CET 2013

Good morning,

Source code for a new quimup release (1.3.1) is available here:

change Log:

* Added: Support for the ‘Disc Number’ tag.
* Added: Stream loader can handle compound urls better.
* Added: Manually override MPD’s (remote) music dir.
* Fixed: Crash upon calling mpd_return_pair (Archlinux).
* Fixed: Player changed position after hide-show toggle.
* Fixed: Allow more time to connect to MPD at start-up.
* Fixed: Possible wrong sorting order of dragged items.
* Coded: Project ‘includes’ libmpdclient using pkg-config.


Johan Spee
Eve Ryth in Gisgon na Beal Right

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