[packman] transcode crashes when encoding with ffmpeg (including patch)

Wolfgang Bauer e9325712 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Aug 1 14:03:35 CEST 2013


Transcode from the Packman repo crashes when you use ffmpeg-0.7 to encode:

wolfi at amiga:~> /usr/bin/transcode -i /dev/null -c 0-1 -y ffmpeg -F mpeg4
transcode v1.1.5 (C) 2001-2003 Thomas Oestreich, 2003-2009 Transcode Team
libdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.12 for DVD access
libdvdread: Can't seek to block 256
libdvdnav:DVDOpenFileUDF:UDFFindFile /VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO failed
libdvdread: Can't seek to block 256
libdvdnav:DVDOpenFileUDF:UDFFindFile /VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.BUP failed
libdvdread: Can't open file VIDEO_TS.BU.
[fileinfo.c] warning: [fileinfo.c:125] file read error: Inappropriate ioctl 
for device
[probe_ffmpeg.c] critical: unable to open '/dev/null' (libavformat failure)
[transcode] V: auto-probing     | /dev/null (FAILED)
[transcode] V: import format    | (null) in  (module=null)
[transcode] A: auto-probing     | /dev/null (FAILED)
[transcode] A: import format    | AC3 in  (module=null)
[transcode] V: AV demux/sync    | (1) sync AV at initial MPEG sequence
[transcode] V: import frame     | 720x576  1.25:1  encoded @ UNKNOWN
[transcode] V: bits/pixel       | 0.174
[transcode] V: decoding fps,frc | 25.000,0
[transcode] V: video format     | YUV420 (4:2:0) aka I420
[transcode] A: import format    | 0x2000  AC3          [48000,16,2]
[transcode] A: export format    | 0x55    MPEG ES Layer 3 [48000,16,2]  128 
[transcode] V: export format    | unknown (module dependant)
[transcode] V: encoding fps,frc | 25.000,3
[transcode] A: bytes per frame  | 7680 (7680.000000)
[transcode] A: adjustment       | 0 at 1000
[transcode] V: IA32/AMD64 accel | sse2 sse 3dnowext 3dnow mmxext mmx cmove asm 
[transcode] warning: no option -o found, encoded frames send to "/dev/null"
[transcode] V: video buffer     | 10 @ 720x576 [0x2]
[transcode] A: audio buffer     | 10 @ 48000x2x16
[import_null.so] v0.2.0 (2002-01-19) (video) null | (audio) null
[export_ffmpeg.so] v0.3.18 (2008-11-29) (video) Lavc52.123.0 | (audio) 
[export_ffmpeg.so] Using FFMPEG codec 'mpeg4' (FourCC 'DIVX', MPEG4 compliant 
[export_ffmpeg.so] No profile selected
[export_ffmpeg.so] warning: Error opening configuration file 
/usr/lib64/transcode/ffmpeg.cfg: No such file or directory
[export_ffmpeg.so] Starting 1 thread(s)
[export_ffmpeg.so] Set display aspect ratio to input
[mpeg4 @ 0x2271320] removing common factors from framerate
[export_ffmpeg.so] warning: Usage of this module for audio encoding is 
[export_ffmpeg.so] warning: Consider switch to export_tcaud module.
[transcode] Audio: using lame-3.99.5
Segmentation fault
wolfi at amiga:~> 

The following patch fixes this:

--- export/export_ffmpeg.c.old  2009-02-21 22:01:57.000000000 +0100
+++ export/export_ffmpeg.c      2013-07-30 23:14:54.000000000 +0200
@@ -668,7 +668,7 @@
     lavc_venc_context->rc_qsquish         = lavc_param_rc_qsquish;
     lavc_venc_context->rc_qmod_amp        = lavc_param_rc_qmod_amp;
     lavc_venc_context->rc_qmod_freq       = lavc_param_rc_qmod_freq;
-    lavc_venc_context->rc_eq              = lavc_param_rc_eq;
+    lavc_venc_context->rc_eq              = av_strdup(lavc_param_rc_eq);
     lavc_venc_context->rc_max_rate        = lavc_param_rc_max_rate * 1000;
     lavc_venc_context->rc_min_rate        = lavc_param_rc_min_rate * 1000;
     lavc_venc_context->rc_buffer_size     = lavc_param_rc_buffer_size * 1024;

Could this be included in the Packman package, please?
Thank you.

Kind regards,

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