[packman] Fwd: Re: [mythtv-users] DB Schema version?!

Herbert Graeber herbert at links2linux.de
Mon May 28 14:52:31 CEST 2012

Am Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012, 20:47:14 schrieb Smartysmart34:
> i just upgraded my Suse 11.4 mythtv-backend with the packman-version of
> mythtv 0.25.
> Did the same for the remote Opensuse 11.4 frontend (mythtv-frontend
> version 0.25 from packman).
> Now the frontend refuses to connect to the backend because of a wrong
> db-Schema-version.
> The mythtv-mailinglist suggests I have NOT updated to 0.25 but master
> instead. Is it possible that the packman package delivers the wrong
> backend version providing a "too new" db schema?

I am on the way to solving this issue. It looks like pascals step to add 
unicable support was a bit over-hasty.

The unicable patch contains code to update from DB schema 1299 to 1300, but 
mythtv continues to check for 1299.

Furthermore to DB schema update hasn't been executed on my installation. I am 
not sure what's the reason for this. But that's the cause, why I don't have 
observed the issue myself.

Now, I am unsure how to proceed, because there are two way to resolve the 

First choice: I can update the schema version mythtv expects to 1300 that the 
schema update is executed unconditionally. That may make other mythtv clients 
incompatible for all users, not only the ones hit by the issue, unless a 
mythtv version with a newer DB schema will be released.

Second choice: I remove the unicable patch. In this case those who already 
have updated the DB schema to 1300 are on their own to revert back to 1299.


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