[packman] Filezilla 3.5.3 for Suse 11.4?

Stefan Seyfried stefan.seyfried at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 6 14:21:57 CEST 2012

Am 06.06.2012 09:22, schrieb Smartysmart34:

> Am 04.06.2012 23:58, schrieb Mariusz Fik:
>> Dnia poniedziaƂek, 4 czerwca 2012 15:44:57 Smartysmart34 pisze:
>>> So my question is: Would it be possible to build Filezilla 3.5.3 for
>>> Opensuse 11.4 on Packman?
>> filezilla-3.5.2 is available for openSUSE 11.4 in network repository.
> Well,
> that's one of the reasons I really don't like that Build-Service-Idea.
> While "Network" does not seem to be one of the evil :home-Repos, it
> still doesn't build Filezilla for anything older than 12.1 because of
> missing dependencies. (wxWidgets-wxcontainer-devel).
> Plus: I don't see any sane reason why one would have 3.5.3 for 12.1 and
> only 3.5.2 for 11.4?

Well, 3.5.3 seems to depend on wxwidgets >= 2.8.12 and this is not
easily available for 11.4

> And what exactly was the intension behind Tumbleweed? Is this obsolete
> now? Maybe someone can give me a hint on that one.

Tumbleweed is alive and kickin, but it moved on to 12.1 as soon as that
one came out (as announced from the beginning) and it will move on to
12.2 as soon as that one comes out.

So there's no tumbleweed for 11.4 (which would be pointless as it is
supposed to be kind of "rolling release" and why would one base that on
an old distro?)

> I would prefer installing a clean Filezilla 3.5.3 from Packman for 11.4/64.

Of course we could in theory build everything that's somewhere in the
openSUSE Buildservice again in Packman, however, a lack of man- and
computing power and network bandwitdh prevents that. And it would not
make much sense to duplicate all the excellent work done at the OBS.
Stefan Seyfried

"Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body!"

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