[packman] Future of PackMan?

oldcpu oldcpu at opensuse-forums.org
Mon Jan 2 19:15:59 CET 2012

I really like the Packman Packaged repository setup (and packages available) the way it is now, and my many thanks to the volunteers that contribute to this organization for the benefit of all openSUSE users.

Having typed the above, a characteristic of Packman packaged applications that I like, in comparison to the superb capability/service made available via the OBS, is in general the Packman packagers tend to offer :

(1) an availability consistency in their packages, as opposed to the individual OBS packagers (with their private repositories) who in providing packages via OBS may feel no obligation to continue to offer a package for all openSUSE versions and for openSUSE updates,

(2) a relatively easy means to contact the Packman packagers via the Packman mailing list, when there are problems with a packaging, which is often not so easy to contact OBS packagers wrt OBS packaged applications, and

(3) a relatively higher standard of stability in the Packman packaged apps than in some of the OBS packaged applications (where some may debate this last point of mine - which is a personal subjective observation).

Hence if there are packages which are consistently not in the openSUSE release, but are packaged in OBS, I would like to see a discussion mechanism (further to just making a mailing list suggestion) in which personal packaged OBS rpm packages (in private repositories) can ultimately be migrated to be part of the Packman packager's repositories.

One example of this would be webcam drivers (such as stk11 and r5u870 which are available in OBS in private repositories).  Another would be packaging of video conference applications (such as Skype), and there are many other examples.  Again, while such migrations can and currently should be discussed on the mailing list, I believe a further dedicated discussion mechanism would be useful so as to not have other distracting support posts.

So while I really like the Packman Packaged repository setup (and packages available) the way it is now, I think with the advancement of use of the OBS and private repositories, there may be ideas worth considering to take advantage/lever that OBS activity further to the benefit of all.

Many thanks again to the Packman Packagers for their superb efforts.



On 01/01/2012 10:56 PM, Detlef Reichelt wrote:
> Moin,
> what should we do in the future? What is the goal of PackMan?
> Should we build only multimedia and non crippled stuff for openSUSE?
> Detlef
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