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Christian chris at computersalat.de
Wed Apr 18 21:47:57 CEST 2012

I vote for JIRA.

Am 17.04.2012 17:49, schrieb Pascal Bleser:
> Something I wished for since several years, a bugtracker for
> Packman, in order to be able to handle bugs and todos a lot
> better than just having a mailing-list where, frankly, I miss at
> least half the issues and where it is a bit more difficult to
> assign things to people and keep track of what's to do and
> what's done. Well, in essence, bugtrackers have been invented
> for that purpose.
> I did a quick set up of an instance of JIRA and one of Bugzilla:
> - Bugzilla: http://pmbs.links2linux.org:9999/
> - JIRA: http://pmbs.links2linux.org:8888/
> Note that while JIRA is a proprietary system, it is free for
> open source projects (I still have to request an open source
> license if we chose to use JIRA though). It is used by some
> large FOSS projects around the globe (because it's probably the
> best bugtracker out there), e.g. all the apache.org projects.
> Have a look, and please give me opinions, then I'll finalize and
> will look for a proper place to host it (pmbs.links2linux.org is
> already under pretty heavy load all the time as it runs the OBS
> scheduler). I'll prolly put it on opensu.se instead.
> Note that for both, you have to create users, which you can on
> your own without the need for an admin to step in. It is not
> connected to any SSO such as Novell's, which is both good and
> bad, but nothing we can change anyway as it is not accessible
> outside opensuse.org (well, SUSE and Novell operating centers,
> actually). Yeah, a more global opensuse.org identity management
> would be sweet... sigh.
> cheers
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