[packman] phonon-backend-vlc and VLC-2.0

Dominik Schmidt domme at tomahawk-player.org
Tue Apr 10 01:13:50 CEST 2012


first reason for this mail: I apologize for commiting a change without
discussing it here first, I asked on IRC, got no answer there (well,
not that surprising on the easter weekend) and forgot about the
mailing list. I'm sorry.

I changed the required VLC version to reflect what we currently have
in Packman, now it at least builds successfully for 12.1 again. (I
tested it and it worked just fine for me)

This leads to the second reason for this mail, it doesn't build for
neither Tumbleweed nor Factory.

The problem is phonon-backend-vlc 0.4.1 only builds with phonon =< 4.5
(up to 12.1) and phonon-backend-vlc 0.5 only builds with phonon >= 4.6
(Tumbleweed/Factory). As I commited something half-baked, I'm willing
to fix this completely now, just tell me how you like it best.

1) Do a load of %if %{suse_version} foobar in one spec file
2) create a secondardy pmbs package phonon-backend-vlc-legacy that is
only enabled up to 12.1 and the normal one is enabled for newer
versions. (I'd let both pmbs packages create packages with the same
3) Something completely different?

Is there any example of two different versions being build in Packman
already, so I can take a look at that?

Best regards

P.S.: If you get this mail twice, I first sent it from the wrong
address, so it got caught in moderation :-)

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