[packman] vlc 2.0

Cristian Morales Vega reddwarf at opensuse.org
Thu Apr 5 15:06:12 CEST 2012

On 5 April 2012 08:16, Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser at opensuse.org> wrote:
> Hence I had to package a few things only for SLE_11, SLE-11-SP2,
> and sometimes for Evergreen_11.1 or 11.2 in order to have all
> the dependencies (those packages are named libxxx-for-sle or
> libxxx-for-older-than-11.4, etc... in Essentials).

libmatroska-for-older-than-11.4, libebml-for-older-than-11.4,
lash-for-sle and fluidsynth-for-sle were building against *every*
version. I disabled the build to what I understood the name meant
("older-than-11.4" includes both SLE_11 and SLE-11-SP2?) and wiped the

Unrelated... why are we building against both SLE_11 and SLE-11-SP2?
Every binary compiled against SLE_11 should work with SLE-11-SP2.

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