[packman] ProjectX

jdd jdanield at free.fr
Sat Mar 26 08:55:21 CET 2011

Le 25/03/2011 21:36, Manfred Tremmel a écrit :

>> but I could find a Windows "portable" version (portable, means here
>> that one don't need to install java) that displays a quite different
>> interface and a date "sept 2008", and version number
>> (notice the b25)

thanks to Java :-)), the solution is desperately simple: I only had to 
copy the .jar file from the "portable" version to the /usr/share/java 
foilder (saving the old jar just in case) to get the new one!

and finally found the config file of ProjectX in "~/Document/X.ini" 
(not obvious, this one!)

and then I could make my files in sync;


Jean-Daniel Dodin

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