[packman] libffmpeg-devel

Cristian Morales Vega cmorve69 at yahoo.es
Sun Mar 6 20:20:26 CET 2011

2011/3/5 Cristian Morales Vega <cmorve69 at yahoo.es>:
> The problem is that if it isn't really needed it's adding unneeded
> dependencies which mean unneeded rebuilds in the OBS.
> Right now a package which uses ffmpeg but doesn't use x264 will be
> rebuilt with each x264 change.

Nevermind, I was confused. Even in libffmpeg-devel didn't require
those packages the dependency would still exists through the real
libraries (libffmpeg-devel->libavcodec52->libx264-114), so a x264
change would trigger a ffmpeg-dependent package rebuild anyway.
I would still remove them since they aren't really needed and a few
still create extra dependencies (since aren't reflected in the real
libs), but it would not be a major change :-(

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