[packman] libffmpeg-devel

Cristian Morales Vega cmorve69 at yahoo.es
Sat Mar 5 11:09:15 CET 2011

libffmpeg-devel has:

Requires:       libmp3lame-devel
Requires:       libogg-devel
Requires:       libvorbis-devel
Requires:       libtheora-devel >= 1.1
Requires:       alsa-devel
Requires:       slang-devel
Requires:       zlib-devel
Requires:       libxvidcore-devel
%if %{with libfaac}
Requires:       libfaac-devel
Requires:       libx264-devel
Requires:       libopencore-amr-devel
Requires:       libjack-devel
Requires:       libspeex-devel
Requires:       libgsm-devel
Requires:       libdc1394
Requires:       libdc1394-devel
%if %suse_version >= 1030
Requires:       libschroedinger-devel
Requires:       liboil-devel >= 0.3.15
Requires:       libdirac-devel >= 1.0.0
%if %suse_version <= 1130
Requires:       libdc1394_control12-devel
%if %{with libopenjpeg}
Requires:       libopenjpeg-devel
Requires:       libvdpau-devel

Is it really needed?
>From a quick look it seems all those Requires aren't needed:

$ fgrep x264 $(rpm -ql libffmpeg-devel | fgrep .h)
/usr/include/libavcodec/avcodec.h:#define CODEC_FLAG2_MBTREE
0x00040000 ///< Use macroblock tree ratecontrol (x264 only)
/usr/include/libavcodec/avcodec.h:     * 8 (umh), 9 (iter), 10 (tesa)
[7, 8, 10 are x264 specific, 9 is snow specific]
$ fgrep speex $(rpm -ql libffmpeg-devel | fgrep .h)

The problem is that if it isn't really needed it's adding unneeded
dependencies which mean unneeded rebuilds in the OBS.
Right now a package which uses ffmpeg but doesn't use x264 will be
rebuilt with each x264 change.

P.S. devel package with unneeded Requires for othe devel packages
looks like a general problem in Packman, this is not the only one. If
the build power is a problem...

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