[packman] packman package for keytouch got lost :-/

rockymountain at gmx.com rockymountain at gmx.com
Mon Jul 25 15:17:08 CEST 2011

Hey everyone,

i noticed that you tidied up the packman repository for OpenSUSE a few 
months ago - and apparently the packages for the program "keytouch" and 
"keytouch-editor" got lost that way... These both two packages are the only 
convenient way i know so far to get precise control over the extra key 
functions of my usb keyboard - and it's even easy to distribute it on other 

It's a rather old peace of software - it was published originally in 2006, 
but still worked very well together with OpenSUSE 11.3 (x86_64). Is there 
any chance to get it back some time into the official packman repository? 
Or even compile it vor the current OpenSUSE 11.4?

I would appreciate your effort very much :)

Thanks a lot for your work guys!


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