[packman] imagination accepteert geen mp3

Mariusz Fik fisiu82 at jabster.pl
Wed Jul 20 00:48:58 CEST 2011

Dnia środa, 6 lipca 2011 o 19:14:41 Richard Bos napisał(a):
> Hi,
> thank you for providing the imagination
> (http://imagination.sourceforge.net/) slide show maker rpm.
> I just tried it this afternoon, and it works for the video, but I have not
> been able to add audio to the slide show.  Might this be because the
> provided version does not support (in its libraries) mp3?

I've just installed it and made simple presentation with mp3 music in a 

> According to the documentation (index.html):
> It requires the ffmpeg encoder to produce the movie file and libsox to
> import the audio files.
> and
> Import music
> This is the same as the previous only but works for audio files. Please
> make sure your libsox is able to handle your selected audio formats (on
> Debian derived distros, you'll most probably want to install
> libsox-fmt-all package).
> I have this rpm installed:
> # rpm -qa | grep sox
> sox-14.3.1-6.1.x86_64
> Any idea why adding audio is not working?

When You add mp3 as background sound, can You play it inside imagination 
program? Look here: 
It plays sound fine here.

pendrak:/home/fisiu # rpm -q sox imagination

> It would be nice if someone else could try it, and confirm the behaviour I
> encounter.
> Some minor detail the version I've installed (last changed by Pascal Bleser
> on 10 March) shows as version string 3.0-r1.  The r1 looks like a release
> candidate or is this not the case for this application?

Maybe it looks like rc1 but it is a final 3.0 release. I just checked sources 
to make sure ;)
Pozdrawiam / Best regards,
Mariusz Fik
openSUSE Community Member
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