[packman] Adding a new "Multimedia-Pack" pattern entry

Roman Bysh rb03884 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 02:17:27 CET 2011

Dear List mates,

I am recommending the creation of a pattern entry named "Multimedia-Pack".

This came to me after reading the openSUSE Forum's Multimedia help file.
The help file lists the most popular packages for installation to get an
openSUSE user's multimedia working. Excluding blu-ray.

The "Multimedia-Pack" will provide links to all of the apps, codecs,
libdvdcss and media library files shown in our Multimedia help file plus
a few
more for installation.

We can reference Carl Fletcher's work on the OneClick installer.
* If it's okay with Carl ;-)

Why do we need this?

   1. Handy for users that prefer the Yast package manager/kpackagekit
   2. Offers an alternate installation to using zypper or OneClick-installer
   3. Faster than installing each file one at a time
   4. Requires a single mouse click for installation
   5. Ideal for users that require multiple laptop and PC set ups

I believe that this feature simplifies and improves our codecs installation.
Especially when it can work in concert with openSUSE's ksuseinstaller.
Something that was lacking in previous versions of openSUSE.

Any thoughts on making this work? 



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