[packman] ffmpeg not in monolithic repository

Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Tue Apr 5 16:50:40 CEST 2011

Hi Ismail

İsmail Dönmez <idoenmez at ...> writes:

> Hi;
> Video filters code is directly dumped from MPlayer with zero peer review. 

They where reviewed when they where included in mplayer and where proofen
to work fine by many thousands of users of mplayer over the years.
They also are used in other projects like ffdshow that has even more
users that tested the code and bugfixes where sent back by the nice
people of ffdshow.

If you want to argue that the indention style of mplayers code is nuts
then sure no disagreement from me here. Also no doubt my wraper is not
yet perfect, but it adds a huge number of features that users will be
happy to have when they need
them. And no harm is done if a filter through the wraper doesnt work
fully, it does no harm when its not used.

Besides, with your argument, i think linux should be removed because
linus doesnt review the things he merges either, he too works based
on the assumtation that they have been reviewed already
when they where commited to the trees from where he merges.

> FFmpeg as it is one man's project just like what XFree86 was, where as
> libav is a fork to make it a useful project again just like X.org.

There are currently 39 people who submitted their ssh key to us and have
write access to ffmpegs git repository. I can list them all if you want

Now my oppinon, and id like to emphasize this is my personal oppinon and
nothing else.
libav, is a bunch of disgrunted developers that by all means and they
really skiped nothing, try to take ffmpeg over, taking all the servers,
shuting down the mailing lists without giving out subscriber lists,
threating with lawyers, ...

Now this just seems to continue at the distribution level, that is
kick ffmpeg out of all distros and replace by libav.
But why is this done now? why dont you wait until libav is actually
better, more stable, less buggy, has more features, ... ?
Why not wait and actually fairly compare?
I can tell you the awnser, because thats never going to happen
I merge all changes from libav and ffmpeg-mt once a day, every day.
And i fix bugs and far more security bugs then there should be in
that code that i merge.
And thats just me, Theres stefano, carl, peter, reimar, thilo,
baptiste, aurel who work on ffmpeg too. Then we have beastd & compn
who work on our homepage, arpi who does the server admin with me, ...

That are a hell alot of people for a 1 men project. IMHO



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