[packman] Plans for Factory?

Detlef Reichelt detlef at die-mafia.de
Fri Jul 16 23:35:51 CEST 2010

Hi Cristian,

On Fri, 16 Jul 2010 16:41:33 +0200, Cristian Morales Vega
<cmorve69 at yahoo.es> wrote:
> Since I maintain libraries based on yours at home:RedDwarf:fakePackman
> openSUSE's OBS I would like to know what will be the status of the
> Packman's Factory repository now that openSUSE 11.3 has been released.

Factory is not 11.3.

> SInce 11.0-11.3 have been updated today and factory was last updated
> at 14th it seems to be abandoned now (ok, just two days, but since it
> makes sense to stop building for it...), but I would like to be sure.

Factory is no abandoned now, but there is nothing to do atm.


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