[packman] [PM] kde4-kdenlive (openSUSE 11.2/i586)

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at gmx.net
Sat Apr 10 23:14:11 CEST 2010


I got your email address from the packman site - so I hope its ok to ask this 

I've used the packman package of KDEnlive under openSUSE 11.2. 
However, after updating to use KDE4.4, and hence Qt4.6 - KDEnlive acts odd. 
When dragging a clip onto the time-line, it does not appear to line up 
correctly, and appears to be floating.

I believe this is an issue with KDEnlive and Qt4.6, which is fixed if KDEnlive 
is *compiled* against Qt4.6.

Do you have an plans to create a KDEnlive build against Qt4.6?


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