[packman] [PM] amarok 1.4.10-103.pm.107.30 (openSUSE 11.1/i586)

Martin Falinski martin.falinski at freenet.de
Tue Oct 13 17:57:42 CEST 2009

Hi Pascal,
I'm german and I'm happy for building and requesting packages like amarok from 
packman. Is there a chance to tell for something stupid things happens in 
I've tested Amarok 2.2 bit it has no chance against Version 1.4. My database 
is Mysql 5.1 and runs really fast with amarok 1.4., 2.2 is 3 to 5 times 
slower. I had to wait for suceeding the startup.
But now my stupid thing. The old amarok has a window divided in to sections. 
Right side is the playlist and left side is the search list. When I search a 
title with an ö then sometimes it will be displayed on the left not like an ö 
but the same after an dobble click with the mouse will be displayed okay in 
the Playlist. Maybe you find out the same thing with amarok. I think there is 
something wrong with the tagentrie. But what shall I do when I see that the 
same song will be correct displayed on the left. In some cases where I have 2 
ö. One ö in the title an one ö in the artist. The title will be not okay 
displayed and the artist is okay.

I think I will wait for the next releases. Thanks for all.
Bye bay

Martin Falinski

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