[packman] [PM] gstreamer010-ffmpeg 0.10.9-999.pm.999.3 (openSUSE 11.2/x86_64)

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Tue Nov 17 23:14:07 CET 2009

Am Dienstag, 17. November 2009 schrieb Jean-Christophe Baptiste:
> Hello Toni,
> I am not really sure but I think I have an issue with the latest version
> of this package.
> Since then, all the players relying on gstreamer can't read any
> xvid/divx movies... There is no error message or anything, the reading
> just doesn't start and stays on a blank screen (it also randomly fails
> in finding the movie length).
> Please let me know if ou ever already heard about this issue and how I
> could help further.

hm, this is strange as the underlying ffmpeg-libs are used in all other 
video-related programs ...

 perhaps our xine/Mplayer Guru Manfred can tell us something to this problem ?

> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Regards,
> Jean-Christophe

have fun

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