[packman] It's 11.2 so time for another "Azureus doesn't start" post.

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Sun Nov 15 15:47:59 CET 2009

Am Sonntag, 15. November 2009 schrieb Mark Draheim:
> Am Sonntag 15 November 2009 02:19:25 schrieb Dwight Paige:
> > I'm trying to run it in openSUSE x86_64 and it will not open:
> > :~> azureus
> same here. Did a rebuild of the accompanying swt lib and then vuze runs.
only a rebuild of the Vuze-libswt3-gtk2 package ? Or did you change 
something ?

> On a side note, Vuze has kde3 devel libs and that dreaded arts in its
> buildrequires. Is that needed or even wanted for 11.2?
yes and no. Only for the moment, as rpmlint is complaining some directory 
ownings ...

Those kde3 things are only buildrequires no runtime requires.

For openSuSE >= 11.2 the kde3-stuff should move to the proper place, but I 
haven't found the time. So my first priority was to move all packages in the 
given version to our new build-system. And the most of the packages are now 
migrated to new build-system and a lot of packages needed pacthing against 
gcc-4.4. So be patient, and don't expect all packages two days after the 
release of the new SuSE version.

> Also, could that hardcoded requires on openjdk somehow be softened to also
> work with sun's java?
there are no hardcoded requires on openjdk, only Requires: java >= 1.6 and all 
java packages (icedtea, openjdk and sun) are providing this.

The Azureus package itself is a binary only package (no compile) of the 
provided Azureus jar from upstream (will also change in future... if days 
have more than 24 hours).

To build the Vuze-libswt3-gtk2 I use different java packages (save some time 
on error-searching for me), but as Runtime requires it needs only java 1.6

> cheers
> Mark
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have fun

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