[packman] libinklevel / ink.

Balazs Melikant balazs.melikant at univie.ac.at
Sat May 9 13:52:41 CEST 2009


thanks for providing the libinklevel/ink packages through Packman; 
please be informed that there is a new version of both available! In 
addition it would be great, if you would package it please for the 
openSUSE 10.0 release as well...

Some more feedback, maybe they help you a bit:

-1- BTW. I found it quite strange to name the libinklevel main package 
ending with the digit "4" and keep the corresponding devel package 
without this extra naming tag.

-2- Please note that doubled BuildRoot: definition in the .SPEC file 
of the libinklevel package.

-3- The description of ink contains a typo, "It makes user of 
libinklevel." should be use, not user. Please also note that e.g. 
'Requires' can be defined quite precisely for the corresponding 
libinklevel package, as in the newest version e.g.
Requires:      libinklevel >= 0.8.0
in the respective place of the ink.spec...


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