[packman] Status of gnono?

Michael Skiba michael at michael-skiba.de
Fri Mar 27 20:39:54 CET 2009

Hello packman,
hello toni,

I just noticed that packman offers version 1.9.2 of gnono, however the project 
site only knows about 1.9.1 (also the projectsite seems to be untouched since 
2 years :/ ). Is that correct?

Also I send along an updated version of the German translation: I took the 
latest .pot file from cvs (2 years old) which contains 34 translateable 
strings and translated them into German (old file only contained 10 strings 
and didn't really deserve the name translation, since huge parts of the game 
were still in English). I don't know what your policy is, but I'd really 
appreciate it if it could be included in the package, since it seems a bit 
unlikely that upstream is still maintained ...


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