[packman] Status of gnono?

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Fri Mar 27 21:16:59 CET 2009

Am Freitag, 27. März 2009 schrieb Michael Skiba:
> Hello packman,
> hello toni,
> I just noticed that packman offers version 1.9.2 of gnono, however the
> project site only knows about 1.9.1 (also the projectsite seems to be
> untouched since 2 years :/ ). Is that correct?
yes, but in cvs/svn of the project where some changes. As gnono won't compile 
for openSuSE-11.x, I tried the cvs snapshot and I was able to compile it for 
the newer SuSE versions. 

The configure.ac stated 1.9.2 as version-number:

AC_INIT(gnono, 1.9.2,

> Also I send along an updated version of the German translation: I took the
> latest .pot file from cvs (2 years old) which contains 34 translateable
> strings and translated them into German (old file only contained 10 strings
> and didn't really deserve the name translation, since huge parts of the
> game were still in English). I don't know what your policy is, but I'd
> really appreciate it if it could be included in the package, since it seems
> a bit unlikely that upstream is still maintained ...
I'll try to add your translation. That is no problem for our policy :)

> Regards
> Michael

have fun

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