[packman] Funguloids fails to run with openal-soft (default in 11.1)

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Tue Jan 13 20:16:42 CET 2009

Am Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009 schrieb Cristian Morales Vega:
> openSUSE 11.1 provides both the old openal from http://www.openal.org/
> and the new openal-soft from http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal.html,
> but by default uses openal-soft. Because of this funguloids fails to
> start.
> To fix it the patch from
> http://funguloids.sourceforge.net/alc_error.patch needs to be applied.

webpin openal-soft -d11.0
   7 results (4 packages) found for "openal-soft" in openSUSE_110
* openal-soft: OpenAL Soft
   - 1.2.218 [BS::home:/ickruis]
   - 1.6.372 [BS::home:/b-s-a | BS::home:/lnussel:/ioquake3]
* openal-soft-devel: OpenAL Soft development files
   - 1.6.372 [BS::home:/b-s-a | BS::home:/lnussel:/ioquake3]
* openal-soft-debuginfo: Debug information for package openal-soft
   - 1.6.372 [BS::home:/b-s-a]
* openal-soft-debugsource: Debug sources for package openal-soft
   - 1.6.372 [BS::home:/b-s-a]

so openal-soft is not in a official repository ...
and so I don't need the patch, if you look in the spec-file the patch is 
tested and ready for build, but as openal-soft is in no official repos I 
removed it.

openal is a "Requires" in funguloids but if openal-soft is providing also 
openal this is not correct if the api is not equal....

> Also, the package requires Cg, freealut, mad, ogre, ogre-plugin-Cg and
> openal. - ogre-plugin-Cg already provides Cg, so directly requiring it only
> adds work to zypper.
I prefer to name exactly the requires per package. So I'm not depending on the 
right Requires of other packages. And it takes some extra work to check every 
time if a package is requireing already other packages.

> - The package already requires libalut.so.0, so no need for a freealut
> require. Also avoids the posibility of use alternative implementations
> of ALUT... even if I don't think they exist.
that's exactly the reason: I want to use freealut.

> - There is also a require of libmad.so.0, so no direct mad require is
> needed. - There is also a require of libOgreMain-1.6.0.so, so no direct
> ogre require is needed.
mad is not needed, this will be corrected

> - There is also a require of libopenal.so.0, so no direct openal
> require is needed.
of course, because I want to force exactly the openal package

> - The OBS Games repo names "ogre-plugin-Cg" as "libogre1_6-plugin-Cg".
> No that one is better than the other (I don't think shlib packaging
> policy applies to it, even if it applies to ogre itself), but it would
> be good if the funguloids from Packman worked with the
> libogre1_6-plugin-Cg from Games. CCing Pavol Rusnak since he is the
> ogre package bugowner in OBS.
I've provided Cg much longer than the OBS, so why should I follow 
always "someones" naming ideas in some repositories ?
The plugin has no so-name, so it needs not to be named according shared 
library policy. its a plugin not a shared library

> When fixing this note that the ogre-plugin-Cg only provides the
> /usr/lib64/OGRE/Plugin_CgProgramManager.so file. Isn't installed in
> /usr/lib64/OGRE-1.6 but in /usr/lib64/OGRE... so isn't parallel
> installable with other versions anyway.
the plugin always depend directly to the underlying master package.

have fun

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