[packman] wma not functioning in openSUSE-11.2

oldcpu oldcpu at opensuse-forums.org
Sun Dec 27 19:52:12 CET 2009

Just to complete this thread.

With the latest Packman packaged MPlayer version, I can now hear .wma
play properly on a 32-bit openSUSE-11.2 (instead of the static that I
obtained before).

More specifically, for .wma I note:
* MPlayer-1.0rc2_r30099-1.pm.1.1.i586 plays .wma (and .wmv audio) properly
* MPlayer-1.0rc2_r29796-2.pm.3.3.i586 gives only static for .wma (and
static for .wmv audio).

Thanks for the fix.  I just tested vlc, xine, and mplayer for both .wma
and .wmv on both 32-bit and 64-bit openSUSE-11.2 PCs, and they all play

Thank you very much for a great packaging job.

aka oldcpu

On 11/15/2009 09:30 PM, oldcpu wrote:
> Manfred Tremmel wrote:
>> I've downloaded the "Allegro" example and played with xine, vlc and 
>> mplayer without any problem. The video "niceday.wmv" makes a little bit 
>> problems mplayer has no video when playing niceday.wmv (Video: no 
>> video), xine and vlc only play I-frames ([wmv3 @ 0xfd42f0]Old WMV3 
>> version detected, only I-frames will be decoded) but Sound is ok in any 
>> case.
>> What output do you get, when you try to play one of this two files from 
>> a konsole window ("xine niceday.wmv" or "vlc  niceday.wmv" or "mplayer  
>> niceday.wmv")?
> I can play both .wma and .wmv on 11.1 with xine, MPlayer and ffplay on
> 11.1 with no problem. Vlc will not play the .wmv video portion (but will
> play audio) on neither 11.1 nor 11.2.
> The results below are from 11.2 (and results are consistent on 2
> different PCs (different hardware) with 11.2 - suggesting I am making a
> systemic mistake if I am making a mistake):
> MPlayer playing the .wma (I only hear very very faint scratching/static
> at maximum volume - possibly system noise):

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