[packman] There are any plans to package Ekiga 3?

Christian Morales Vega cmorve69 at yahoo.es
Sat Oct 18 20:08:17 CEST 2008

I just noted that Ekiga 3 was released. The SIP/SIMPLE presence and
new codecs (MPEG-4 part2/DivX, H264, http://www.ippcodecs.org/, etc)
are important changes.
Somehow the Gnome team isn't so fast like the KDE team at packaging
new upstream version. And even if they were, openSUSE would be unable
to provide packages with patented codecs support.
Packman had packages for Ekiga until openSUSE 10.3, but they were
never created for 11.0. So, since I don't really know too much about
all this opal/libpt/IPP... is somebody here working in Ekiga 3 (and
company) packages?
home:hschaa:ekiga and home:monreal:ekiga have them. But, at least the
hschaa version only supports H261 video, not even Theora.


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