[packman] packman's gstreamer and new banshee -> crashes

Cristian Morales Vega cmorve69 at yahoo.es
Mon Nov 17 01:14:26 CET 2008

2008/11/16 "Andrés G. Aragoneses" <knocte at gmail.com>:
> Toni wrote:
>> Am Sonntag, 16. November 2008 schrieb Andrés G. Aragoneses:
>>> Hi guys, are you aware of this problem?
>>> http://forums.opensuse.org/applications/multimedia/398625-banshee-crahses.h
>>> tml
>> I can't do anything against it :)
>> Solution 1)
>> banshee needs to be compiled against the new packman libraries ...
>> any volunteers to package banshee for packman ?
> And why this wasn't needed in the previous versions of banshee?

This has nothing to do with versions. If you compile application A
(Banshee) against library B (openSUSE gstreamer) and then run it
against another version of the library B (Packman gtreamer) the result
can be anything... isn't something do you want spend time to
understand, it's just easier to compile and run with the same library

>> Solution 2)
>> simply use the original SuSE packages and banshee without any of the packman
>> packages (gstreamer, ffmpeg, x264, etc ...).
> What if a user wants to use Banshee but at the same time wants to have
> the proprietary codecs that normally are found nowhere but Packman (wrt
> Suse)?

Then someone should volunteer to package and mantain a Banshee package
in Packman: solution 1. That means work... and would be better done by
someone that uses Banshee himself.

Anyway, the forum thread is far from a good evidence.
- The problem was reported with version 1.2.1, but latest version is
1.4... what do you mean with "new" banshee?
- Then someone says gstreamer-0_10-ffmpeg is the problem... well,
perhaps gstreamer broke the ABI by accident, but it's my understanding
that banshee doesn't sees anything from gstreamer-0_10-ffmpeg, only
sees the gstreamer API interface.
*Perhaps* if you mix gstreamer-0_10-ffmpeg from Packman with other
gstreamer packages from openSUSE you can have problems, but in all the
thread nobody gives a detailed package list.
- But then another guy says removing gstreamer-0_10-ffmpeg his problem
isn't solved.
- Then we have the "when you install gstreamer ffmpeg package select
to ignore dependencies and then banshee will work stable"... that
well, doesn't looks like something very scientific.
- At last we have some ranting and a posible solution that could make
sense ("rm /usr/lib/banshee-1/gstreamer-0.10/libgstequalizer.so")...
that nobody tests.

a) There is no good evidence of a real problem
b) If there is a real problem the only solution requires someone to
volunteer to work. You can't force someone to make that work, so...

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