[packman] [PM] vlc 0.8.6e (openSUSE 10.3/i586)

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Sat Mar 15 14:33:20 CET 2008

Am Samstag, 15. März 2008 schrieb Peter J. P-N:
> Christian Herenz schrieb:
> > Quentin Denis schrieb:
> >> Indeed, these files were apparently not included. This is fixed
> >> now, you can fetch the packages from here:
> >> ftp://packman.links2linux.de/pub/packman/suse/testing/vlc/10.3-i58
> >>6
> >>
> >> I will release a new package as soon as I have fixed the ffmpeg
> >> issue, including libvlc.so.
> >
> > Could you maybe explain, why packman provides an vlc package, since
> > there is a official package in the videolan repo? I'm just curious.
> The first issue is that packman and videolan use different ffmpeg.
> AFAIK packman uses the bleeding edge one and videolan the more stable
> one.

What means stable? ffmpeg makes no releases for years, there are no 
alpha, beta or release versions, all you can do is checkout from svn. 
You can checkout at a more or less stable moment...
There are bugfixes, securityfixes and also new features that can't wait, 
I think.

> Now I use the videolan ffmpeg/libs/vlc and recompile all packman
> video packages against videolan ffmpeg. It's a lost time for me, but
> I don't see any other solution at this point.

Good luk. The most incompatiblity problems in ffmpeg are not based on 
different checkout times, they are based on using swscale feature or 
not. The imagescale feature (signed as debrecated in ffmpeg) is 
completely disabled when compiling with swscale support. We need swcale 
support for some packages, they will not compile without.
I've written a patch for vlc 0.8.6c to make vlc use swscale, as far as I 
can see, it's removed in 0.8.6e package, that's the problem at the 
moment. I'm compiling localy with a updated patch at the moment, maybe 
it solves the problem.

@Quentin: I'll send you the patch when it works.

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