[packman] [PM] ufoai 2.2 (openSUSE 10.3/i586)

Jacek jaceks at hell.pl
Sun Jan 27 11:15:34 CET 2008

Hi Tony,

I am very sorry, but in my opinion ufoai-2.2-0.pm.1.i586.rpm package is  
my os is: suse 10.3

following packages have been installed:

game works nice, but I can't start tactic mission:

game log is following:
Changing to Singleplayer
Activate stage intro
Sanity check for script data
...buildings ok
...tech ok
...aircraft ok
...menu ok
Changing to Singleplayer
S_Music_Start: Playing music: 'music/van_geoscape'
Save 'slotquick'
...subsystem 'size' - saved 101 bytes
...subsystem 'base' - saved 13203 bytes
...subsystem 'campaign' - saved 326 bytes
...subsystem 'hospital' - saved 0 bytes
...subsystem 'market' - saved 2899 bytes
...subsystem 'research' - saved 7882 bytes
...subsystem 'employee' - saved 5687 bytes
...subsystem 'aliencont' - saved 0 bytes
...subsystem 'production' - saved 8 bytes
...subsystem 'aircraft' - saved 353 bytes
...subsystem 'messagesystem' - saved 807 bytes
...subsystem 'stats' - saved 28 bytes
...subsystem 'nations' - saved 1248 bytes
...subsystem 'transfer' - saved 86400 bytes
Campaign 'QuickSave' saved.
------- Loading game.so -------
LoadLibrary failed (game.so)
failed to load game library
ERROR: failed to load game library

I changed game.so to read+executable for all,
added /usr/games/ufoai/ to /etc/ld.so.config
launched ldchache and /sbin/SuSEconfig
but it doesn't help :(
Could you check what't wrong, please?


jacek 'jaceks' sienkiewicz
linux user 170034
phone: +48 71 777 10 92       mailto:jaceks at hell.pl
mobile: 48 501 409 802       http://jaceks.hell.pl

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