[packman] Bristol

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Thu Jan 3 21:46:05 CET 2008

Am Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2008 schrieb David Herman:
> I'm running suse 10.3 64bit on a core2duo cpu.
> 4gb ram, kde3.8 desktop, nvidia propietary drivers.
> I have installed the bristol / brighton packages for 64bit from the
> packman repo.
what packages have you installed, please name the package-names and versions.

I guess you miss one of the synth-packages e.g. bristol-hammond or 

Next Question, what happens if you start bristol with one of the 
kde-menu-entries ?
Those entries call the startbristol wrapper script with some extra parameters 
like "-jack"

> When I run any of the bristol synths
> (for example "startBristol -2600")
> I get an empty window where the synth interface should be.
> The terminal (konsole) I am running the program from reports the
> following error numerous times
> 	"failed to allocate image"
> I also tried the .586 rpms with the same result. Then I built the
> program myself, no errors were reported by ./configure or make but
> I still get the same error when running the program.
> I googled around a bit and did find a few references to this problem
> but none with a solution that worked for me.
> I'm just wondering if these builds actually work for anyone else on
> suse 10.3 and if so what I might do to get it working on my machine
works fine here :)

Perhaps a alsa/jack setup problem on your machine ?

> Thanks for your help and for the service you provide
> --
> dh

have fun

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