[packman] Packman and Contrib cooperation

Marek Stopka (M4r3k) marekstopka at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 19:29:00 CET 2008

I discussed this with Andrea Florio a few days before via IRC and I
think it is a good idea, but here is some catches... In Packman we do
not only provide packages with multimedia and software which is not in
openSUSE, but also a newer version of software from regular openSUSE
repositories and it is not possible to provide such a service for us
anymore if we will move our packages to Contrib OBS project. But I
think this could save a lot of CPU time and also a lot of space and we
are running out of disk space sometimes. So then after this move of
packages we could provide also openSUSE Factory build of multimedia
packages and I think, this could make Factory distribution more
attractive for users, because now, we do not provide such a
packages... And it is kind a annoying to have openSUSE without real
multimedia support, at least this is a reason why I do not use Factory
at my desktop.

2008/12/18 Pavol Rusnak <prusnak at suse.cz>:
> Hi Packman folks!
>   You might be aware of Contrib - Universal openSUSE Repository for 3rd
> party Packages. For those who are not, I recommend reading
> http://en.opensuse.org/Contrib wiki page.
>   I have an idea, or proposal if you wish: what do you think of moving
> all the "clean" packages from Packman to this new and shiny Contrib
> repository? :)
> By "clean" packages I mean packages:
> * which do not break rules for putting inside BuildService
>  (no patent issues, no "hacking" tools, etc.)
> * which fulfill requirements for putting inside Contrib
>  (no file clash with Factory, etc.)
> * with no dependencies outside of Factory and/or Contrib
> This will have following advantages:
> * more maintainers for your packages (even from the Novell staff)
> * security updates for released distributions (with the help from SUSE
>  Security Team)
> * more testing (during openSUSE beta phase)
> ... and disadvantages:
> * packman maintainer will no longer be the only one who is altering the
>  package
> * packman repository could become easier target, because it would have
>  higher ratio of "problematic" packages
> These are the issues that came to my mind right now, but I might have
> mised some. I am looking forward for your feedback!
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