[packman] [PM] python-tag 0.94.5-0.pm.1 (openSUSE 11.0/i586)

Detlef Reichelt detlef at die-mafia.de
Tue Dec 16 12:41:47 CET 2008

Am Mon, 15 Dec 2008 22:19:18 +0100
schrieb Toni <toni at links2linux.de>:

> > I just was curious if you compiled with boost-1.34.1-41 from where
> > you get that version.
> hm, thats the version we are using on our build-server.
> I'll investigate this.

seems there are more files on pmbs from 11.0RC1... :(

/me starts rsync again, 11.0 builds fails next hour... ;)


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