[packman] Error report: Requirement for libquicktime cannot be resolved

Sven Zallmann sven.zallmann at rwth-aachen.de
Sun Apr 13 13:59:24 CEST 2008

Hi folks

Today I got the following when I tried to update the packages on my openSUSE 
10.3 machine:

zalle:~ # zypper up -t package
Refreshing 'PackMan'
* Cleaning repository 'PackMan' cache
* Building repository 'PackMan' cache
* Reading repository 'openSUSE Build Service - Wine' cache
* Reading repository 'openSUSE 10.3 Updates' cache
* Reading repository 'openSUSE 10.3 OSS' cache
* Reading repository 'PackMan' cache
* Reading repository 'Nvidia' cache
* Reading repository 'openSUSE 10.3 Non-OSS' cache
* Reading repository 'VideoLAN' cache
* Reading installed packages [100%]

2 Problems:
Problem: No valid solution found with just resolvables of best architecture.
Problem: Can't satisfy requirement libswscale.so.0 for 

Problem: No valid solution found with just resolvables of best architecture.
  With this run only resolvables with the best architecture have been 
Regarding all possible resolvables takes time, but can come to a valid result.
 Solution 1: Make a solver run with ALL possibilities.
  Regarding all resolvables with a compatible architecture.
number, (r)etry or (c)ancel> 1
Applying solution 1

Problem: Can't satisfy requirement libswscale.so.0 for 

  === libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586[PackMan] ===
    libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586[PackMan] will be installed by the user.
    libgsm-1.0.10-72.i586 is needed by libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586[PackMan] 
    libraw1394-8-1.2.1-64.i586 is needed by libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586
[PackMan] (libraw1394.so.8)
    libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586[PackMan] is needed by  (libquicktime.so.0)
    libffmpeg0-0.4.9-9.pm.svn20071229.i686 is needed by 
libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586[PackMan] (libswscale.so.0)
    libx264-57-0.57.719-1.3.i586[VideoLAN] is needed by 
libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586[PackMan] (libx264.so.57)
    xvid-1.1.3-0.pm.0.i586 is needed by libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586
[PackMan] (libxvidcore.so.4)
    amrwb- is needed by libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586
[PackMan] (libamrwb.so.3)
    libffmpeg0-0.4.9-10.pm.svn20080329.i586[PackMan] provides libswscale.so.0, 
but another version of that package is already installed.
    libffmpeg0-0.4.9-9.pm.svn20071229.i686 provides libswscale.so.0, but is 
scheduled to be uninstalled.
    libfaac0-1.26-9.1.i686[VideoLAN] is needed by 
libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586[PackMan] (libfaac.so.0)
    libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586[PackMan] depends on libffmpeg0

 Solution 1: do not install libquicktime
  do not install libquicktime-1.0.1-1.pm.4.i586[PackMan]
 Solution 2: Ignore this requirement just here
 Solution 3: Generally ignore this requirement
number, (r)etry or (c)ancel> 1

So far for the error.  Just for information, this is what resulted when I 
chose not to install libquicktime:

Applying solution 1

The following packages are going to be upgraded:
  nvidia-gfxG01-kmp-default wine x11-video-nvidiaG01 libffmpeg0 libmpeg2
vlc-mozillaplugin vlc lame faac libdvbpsi5 libx264-57 faad2 amarok-xine amarok
amarok-libvisual amarok-yauap amrnb audacious audacious-crossfade 
audacious-freeverb3 audacious-kde audacious-plugins audacious-xmp digikam
digikamimageplugins digikamimageplugins-superimpose freeciv freealut 
gstreamer010-plugins-base gstreamer010-plugins-good k3b kaffeine 
kdemultimedia3-CD kdemultimedia3-mixer ktorrent libdvdread3 libfreeverb3-2 
libkexiv2 libmcs1 libpulse0 libtheora0 libtunepimp libtunepimp5 mjpegtools 
portaudio sane-backends supertux taglib taglib-devel xmms-crossfade xmoto xmp 
libxine1-w32dll dejavu

The following NEW packages are going to be installed:
  postgresql-libs amarok-lang avahi-qt3 kdemultimedia3-sound 
libx264-59 libfaac0 digikam-lang gstreamer010-plugins-base-oil k3b-lang
kaffeine-lang ladspa libgpod3 libifp4 libkdcraw2 libmtp7 libode 
libtunepimp5-mp4 physfs

The following package is going to be REMOVED:

Overall download size: 201.4 M. After the operation, additional 247.0 M will 
be used.
Continue? [yes/no]: y

I will skip the install output here; all listed packages installed without 

Paul commented on this error in IRC:  '[13:40:41] < yaloki> vzduch: hm.. no.. 
sounds like libquicktime has to be rebuilt'

Hope I was able to be helpful to your wonderful project.

Kind regards

Sven  a.k.a.  vzduch
  Sven Zallmann                 Fixed:  +49 (0)2166 9797876
  Hauptstrasse 35               Mobile: +49 (0)178 8512648
  41236 Moenchengladbach
  GERMANY                     EMAIL ADDRESS
                                sven.zallmann at rwth-aachen.de

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