[packman] [PM] audacious-plugins 1.3.4 (openSUSE 10.2/i586)

Detlef Reichelt detlef at die-mafia.de
Sun May 27 00:40:47 CEST 2007

Am Samstag, 26. Mai 2007 11:04:29 schrieb Jan Lönnberg:
> Judging by the aforementioned discussion on the Debian bugs list and the
> fact that your package works on another, Pentium 4-based machine, it seems
> the problem is caused by compiling the MP3 decoder plugin (libmadplug)
> using SSE2 instructions (i.e. with the wrong target system).

could you please test this rpm: http://drcux.de/packman/


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