[packman] New k3b package

Rainer Lay rainer.lay at gmx.de
Wed Mar 28 00:23:43 CEST 2007

Herbert Graeber wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 27. März 2007 schrieb Rainer Lay:
>> in suse/testing/k3b, I copied a new package.
>> In this package, there are the codec plugins, which are missing in the
>> openSUSE buildservice package of rpm.
>> As I mentioned before, my plan is to not provide an additional k3b
>> package, but to add the missing codecs in a seperate package.
> Neverthless the k3b package should be provided, too, because it is packman 
> policy to rely on the original distribution and packman itself only.
> But it would not be neccessary to update the packman k3b and the packman 
> codecs on every update in the KDE:Backports repository, at least as long as 
> there are no changes in plugin interfaces. So k3b should work for our users 
> if they dpo not use KDE:Backports and if the do, even when the k3b package 
> there has been updated.
OK, so I take once the k3b package form Backports and put all the rpms
to packman (fixed once ;-). packman rpm updates should only be
nessecary, when the plugin interface has changed.

thanx for the detailled feedback so far.

rgds, Rainer

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