[packman] libxine1,Version: 1.1.4-0.pm.0 installation

michael lees drmike at imt.net
Wed Mar 14 01:01:52 CET 2007

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I need help with getting multimedia things like mp3 playing and
Realplayer and wma functionality and wmv functionality and the like
working in my opensuse 10.2 installation.  I discovered the packman site
looking for help on line noting that it had resources to help me.
However not being extremely conversant with command line and not having
the time to keep up to date, I find myself here asking for help.
I think from what I've read that I need to install the below file.
Unable to find installation help on this site nor on the web here I am
to request help getting this chore done.

libxine1 Version: 1.1.4-0.pm.0

I would like to be pointed to a how to to get this done and any other
relative how to's to get me able to run multimedia apps that would allow
me to read, view, and listen to what a M$ user would have available on
that platform!!!
I'm working with a brain memory handicap here and kind of need it laid
out not assuming that I know what to do or how to do it. Sorry I can't
do a lot of external thinking while trying to be functional... I kind of
need an intall by numbers routine like paint by numbers.
I've tried using the urls at the packman site to add installation
catalog sources...no luck and downloading the file and installing with
yast--no success... Thanx much 4 any help  Mike :))

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