[packman] Azureus-

Vahis waxborg at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 08:13:50 CET 2007

Toni wrote:

>>> so try to figure out the difference beetween those two java-packages
>>> rpm -ql <package>   > p1.txt
>>> rpm -qlp <uninstalled-package> > p2.txt
>>> and compare the results.
>>> (if you are using smart, you can look in the cache for both packages)
>> I'm not using Smart.
>> And I'm afraid I'm more an end user than a programmer, so I guess I'll
>> leave that to programmers.
>>> perhaps this difference brings some light in the problem....
>>> and, did you update full packages or only the patch-rpms ?
>>> try a "full" update
>> What do you mean by full update? Download java from Sun?
>> I do prefer using packages from Suse whenever possible.
> yes, that's ok.
> SuSE provides two possibilities:
> a) a full package with all files
> b) a patch-package or delta-package containing only the changed files to a 
> defined version
> with "full update", I meant, you should install the java-*.i586.rpm instead 
> the java-*.prpm or java-*-drpm (prpm=patchl, drpm=delta)

By installing the full packages instead of the deltas we would get to
know if it's one or more of the deltas that break the system or it's one
or more of the full packages.

I could do this but it takes time and effort to do it by installing
everything only to be able to tell if there's a difference somewhere.

There are several packages. How can I tell which package or its delta
did it?

I think what you said earlier, to have them compared by a knowledgeable
person, would make more sense than doing a lot of installing and test runs.

I think the comparison should be made between the full new packages and
the ones changed by the deltas.

We know now that one or more of the deltas change one or more of the
older java packages in such a way that Azureus won't work.

Now, which package or which delta is it?

What should be done imho is:

Apply all the deltas to all the packages and then compare the full new
versions to the ones changed by the deltas.

They should be identical.

If they are, the deltas are "correct" but the whole package(s) is/are bad.
If there's a difference, the delta(s) is/are bad.


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