[packman] [PM] avahi 0.6.16 (SuSE 10.1/i586)

Jonathon M. Robison jrobiso2 at ford.com
Thu Jan 25 21:12:46 CET 2007

The latest Avahi for SuSE 10.1 hosted on packman BREAKS dbus.

dbus segfaults on startup, which cascades to a failure of powersaved to
start, etc.

>From all appearances, it seems to be the changes
to /etc/dbus-1/system.d/avahi-dbus.conf which break it. I've installed
your latest update but overwrote the new conf with the previous one, and
now dbus doesn't segfault.

Jonathon M. Robison
Infrastructure Architect
Ford Motor Company

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