[packman] Azureus-

Vahis waxborg at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 19:50:24 CET 2007

Toni wrote:
> additionally post the result of:
> rpm -qa | grep java
> and did you install the full-package or the patch-package ?
> and your SuSE-Version ....
> have fun 
> Toni

My Suse is 10.0.

rpm -qa | grep java

This is the situation now and runs fine. That is without the
latest java security patches.

So did all the 2.5 versions I had till the java update.

The java update smashed the 2.5 but it came back after rolling back to
the above state.

Then Azureus came out, I installed it and it ran fine.

It went south after the update and began to work again after rolling
back to the current state.

The patches that I don't have now are the ones that are on the update
servers, that is the security updates.

It's some time ago I had this incident, it seems that the logs from that
time don't exist anymore.


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