[packman] [PM] rosegarden4 1.4.0 (SuSE 10.2/i586)

Fabio Brugnara brugnara at itc.it
Wed Jan 3 18:33:50 CET 2007

Hi Quentin,

I just installed on openSUSE 10.2 your rosegarden package taken from 
packman. I don't even ask about the problem of having no sound, because 
I know it's tricky, and I hope to solve it later. However, I (or better 
my son, which plays piano) used rosegarden happily on suse 10.1.
Unfortunately, this new installation locks as soon as one enters some 
notes in the notation editor. For what I can see, other functionalities 
are working. Even the notation editors open its window as usual, and 
even lets you enter one note or two, but then the program freezes. I 
wasn't able to find any reference to a similar problem on the Web, so I 
thought there could be something specific to the openSUSE 10.2 package, 
maybe related to libraries or who knows. Do you have any clue? Did you 
already hear something alike?

Thank you very much for making this complex package so easily available 
to users like me,
best regards,
Fabio Brugnara

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