[packman] kguitar-build

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Tue Jan 2 19:18:34 CET 2007

Am Montag, 1. Januar 2007 21:54 schrieb Christoph Resch:
> Hi Toni
Hi Christoph,

> the latest kguitar rpm-build from packman doesnt run ..
which SuSE-Version ?
32bit or 64bit ?

please give more information ...
start it in a console an provide complete error-messages.

> i get error like this
> "could not find KGuitar KPart! Check your installation"
> and indeed there is not libkguitar installed , like i suppose there should
enlighten me, what is not installed or missing ?

> happy new year and tnx4rpm
happy new year
> -c-

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