[packman] Unsatisfied dependencies for lots of packages

Bernhard Walle bernhard at links2linux.de
Sat Dec 29 22:45:36 CET 2007

Hi Stefan,

* Stefan Tittel <bugreports at tittel.net> [2007-12-29 19:33]:
> The SMART package manager has a nice feature, which shows dependency problems 
> even for uninstalled packages ("Edit"->"Check All Packages"). On my system 
> only the official SUSE repositories and Packman are active and using this 
> feature shows a lot of Packman packages having unresolvable dependencies. For 
> some of the packages I checked myself if SMART is right about it and it seems 
> like SMART really has a point with what it's saying:

Thanks for reporting that dependency problems!

> Unsatisfied dependency: vlc-0.8.6d-1.pm.3 at i586 requires libx264.so.54

This and other libx264 errors are related to the rebuild that
currently takes place. It will be fixed in a few days, when all
packages have been rebuilt and the mirrors are all up to date. Because
we now follow the new openSUSE shared library naming convention, the
next rebuild will not cause that sort of problems since it will be
possible to install the old and the new libx264 package at the same

> From what I see a real lot of Packman packages seem to be broken (in the sense 
> that they can't be installed/upgraded because of unresolved dependencies). To 
> me it seems like a good idea if packagers could use this SMART feature as a 
> basic QA measure to minimize package breakage in the future.

Compared to the huge amount of packages that are not many. Packman
lives from the user feedback. We all build packages in our very rare
spare time, and we cannot do all tests ourselves.

> Thanks in advance for fixing these problems and a happy New Year to all of 
> you!

Same for you!


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