[packman] gstreamer010-plugins-good error

Dr. Richie_Rodriguez kokauh at inbox.com
Sat Dec 8 15:49:17 CET 2007

Have a good day!

I just wanted to thank your community and tell about an error in gstreamer010-plugins-good RPM for i586 architecture:
"gstreamer-0.10.schemas" should be placed in "/etc/gconf/schemas" folder, not in "/etc/usr/gconf/schemas", as it's provided by your package now.

Gstreamer-based players (Banshee, Rythmbox. etc.) keep playing without it (that's, I suppose, the reason of this bug is being unfixed), but only for one user. I've created another one, and Banshee didn't play any track at all for that user untill I placed "gstreamer-0.10.schemas" in the "/etc/gconf/schemas" folder. Now that's OK.

Xine-based players (Totem-xine, Amarok, etc.) play any music and video files as well without that file.

I suppose openSuSE doesn't have "/etc/usr/gconf/schemas" folder at all, by default, cause "gstreamer-0.10.schemas" file was only one there after installing your gstreamer010-plugins-good RPM.

Best Ragards, Dr. Richie_Rodriguez

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