[packman] Fwd: Packman Website, MythTV 0.20 RPMs für Suse 10.1

Simon Crute simon at links2linux.de
Thu Sep 14 18:20:29 CEST 2006

Hi All, 

On Thursday 14 September 2006 00:19, Michael Schueller wrote:

> Hello Thomas, hello Simon
> First i wanne thank Simon to keep an eye on the latest packages off
> mythtv, and build them all this quick after the new release.


> > I just installed MythTV 0.20 from Packman and noticed the
> > following problems:
> >
> > 1. mythtv-backend
> > The service mythbackend should NOT be ON by default.
> Then i wanne say that i´m verry happy with this. The backend Daemon
> is now working by default, no more missing configs and all at the
> default Place.
> If it should be on or off, well in the svn.spec from Chris Petersen
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Mythtv-svn-rpmbuild.spec
> it is on, and i like it ;-)

I'm in two minds about this. In general, I agree, services should be turned 
off by default. However in this case, I can't see why mythbackend should ever 
been installed on a machine that isn't a backend. And there's no security 
specific things that need to be configured for the backend, so unless lots of 
people who think it shouldn't be, (or unless I'm breaking a packman rule I 
don't know of) I'll leave it as it is for now. 

> > 2. libmyth
> > libmyth is far too large. Something's wrong there with the
> > compiler settings. Another MythTV for Suse packager had the same
> > problem and fixed it. His libmyth 0.19 first also was >20 MB and
> > then only 7 MB. Please look at his .spec:
> > http://folk.uio.no/oeysteio/apt/suse/10.1-olsen/SRPMS.Olsen/mytht
> >v-0.19 -19.src.rpm

For some reason the libraries aren't being stripped. I'll have an upload 
tonight that should fix that. 

> > 5. Updates to
> >  http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/log/branches/release-0-20-fixes
> > Please update regularely the RPMs from 0.20 fixes branch and
> > write the svn revision number into the packages description.
> This would really a good idea, but it would take time and this
> release is the latest stable so far ...

This is on my radar to do, but there's no way I can test at all what I build. 
It will just be an automated script to do a checkout, build and upload. 

> > 6. mytharchive
> > mytharchive has a dependency to a not available mkisofs version.

Hopefully, I'll work on the plugins RPM tomorrow. 

> > Thanks a lot!
> Thanks from me too

And thanks for the feedback. (Even if it does mean more work for me ;-) ) Keep 
it comming. 

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