[packman] Fwd: Packman Website, MythTV 0.20 RPMs für Suse 10.1

Manfred Tremmel Manfred.Tremmel at iiv.de
Wed Sep 13 19:03:58 CEST 2006

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Subject: Packman Website, MythTV 0.20 RPMs für Suse 10.1
Date: Mittwoch, 13. September 2006 08:00
From: Thomas Börkel <thomas at boerkel.de>
To: Manfred Tremmel <Manfred.Tremmel at iiv.de>


http://packman.links2linux.de/ ist momentan nicht erreichbar.

In den RPMs zu MythTV 0.20 (Suse 10.1) steht keine Mailadresse des
Packagers, deswegen schreibe ich mal an Dich, vielleicht kannst Du das




I just installed MythTV 0.20 from Packman and noticed the following

1. mythtv-backend
The service mythbackend should NOT be ON by default.

2. libmyth
libmyth is far too large. Something's wrong there with the compiler
settings. Another MythTV for Suse packager had the same problem and
fixed it. His libmyth 0.19 first also was >20 MB and then only 7 MB.
Please look at his .spec:

3. MythWeb
The plugin MythWeb is missing.

4. Additional themes
There is no RPM for the additional themes from myththemes-0.20.tar.bz2.

5. Updates to
 http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/log/branches/release-0-20-fixes Please
 update regularely the RPMs from 0.20 fixes branch and write the svn
 revision number into the packages description.

6. mytharchive
mytharchive has a dependency to a not available mkisofs version.

Thanks a lot!



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